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Welcome to the first of our blogs

Date: 23 February 2016

Le Rossignol Estates will be providing exclusive content from industry professionals relating to the local property market and interviews with local residents about themselves and the island of Jersey.

In our future blogs we will be talking to industry experts such as Lorraine McLean of Skipton International and chatting to Jersey gentleman James Walker, best known for his ability to drive a car pretty quickly.

I will start my blog by asking myself the first question. Why start up a new estate agency in the island?

Well, I have been selling property for fifteen years and love what I do. The market is crowded in terms of estate agents but I felt that there was a niche that required filling for someone experienced who can offer a personal service and have the ability to offer a low commission rate for vendors.

Being a Jerseyman, and with my foundations in the finance industry working for some of the island's most prestigious law firms, I am extremely well connected and have sold hundreds of properties in the island.

I am able to keep my commission rates low as I work from my office at home in St Peter and don't have to pass on the expensive running costs to my clients for prestigious premises, employing staff nor large marketing budgets.

The requirement for a high street presence is outdated in my opinion, the vast majority of people who are looking to buy start their search online and with the relatively low costs of social media marketing versus more expensive traditional methods this too allows costs to be kept to a minimum. I will of course use more traditional methods but my experience shows me where the majority of buyers derive from.

I am going to keep my business small in terms of employees, at the moment it is just me. I will get to the stage when I will require administrative assistance but I do not want to get to the point where I can no longer offer personal service to all of my clients. Jersey was built upon solid personal working relationships and having trust in who you deal with. It is rare these days but I want to offer the same service that has served the residents of the island that has been handed down to me by generations of my family since the 1500's.

My current offer is 0.75% sole agency, subject to a minimum fee of £2,500. My multi-agency rate is 1.25%.

Keep an eye out for me on our roads, I'll either be in my low emissions Toyota Aygo or riding my A2B fold up electric bike. I'm a member of Eco Active and you will be reading more about fellow member businesses over the next few months.

If you are considering selling your property or simply interested in an up to date price appraisal, I would be pleased to hear from you.


In our next blog, a local chef will be providing some fabulous recipes for you to try at home, we'll be speaking with a well-known local artist and will start showcasing fellow Eco Active businesses in the island.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Jeremy Le Rossignol